A Unique PFP + 3D Avatar Drop:

'The Cool' Reinterpreted

Be part of
Lupe's New Dimension

LFT is not the usual VIP fan pass. Holders will enjoy unique, ever-evolving utilities centered around Lupe Fiasco and his artistry.

These features will be built via collaboration between the community and Lupe himself. Organic, authentic and outside the ordinary. The only way we'd ever do it. 

To kick off LFT, based on community feedback, we will reveal untold stories from The Cool, which inspire our inaugurating NFT design.

To find out more about LFT's magic loot bag of utilities, join our server where hardcore Lupe, music and art fans lead the conversation and direction of the project.

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LFT Pass Launch


Lupe Fiasco’s LFT mints on 7 April 00:00 GMT! LFT is your ‘passport’ to Lupe Fiasco’s creative journey into Web 3. On top, LFT holders will be showered with real life privileges (a.k.a. ‘utilities’) such as invitation to redeem free access to Lupe Fiasco’s concerts throughout 2022.

(Limited capacity reserved for LFT holders. Please see detailed terms in the FAQ section.)

"The Cool" PFP Drop


To set off this journey into Web 3 with Lupe, LFT will pay tribute to his legendary album, The Cool, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. LFT holders will be able to claim their unique Profile Picture (PFP) for free (+gas).

This is a generative art collection created by Lupe Fiasco in collaboration with Nicholas Lesaffre based on ‘The Cool’ character. The collection promises all the excitement expected by serious NFT collectors when it comes to generative traits and unique combinations. Beyond that, the collection’s value is anchored to the legacy and cultural significance of a classic album that influences the wider hip hop culture.

1 LFT = 1 PFP NFT from ‘The Cool PFP Collection’.



Album + Merch

LFT holders will get a signed, limited edition physical print of the latest album’s cover art. Holders also have a chance to pre-order a special limited edition of the vinyl (400 copies will be given to LFT holders with a raffle)

We will unlock exclusive access to special edition Lupe merch for all LFT holders.

Concerts + Music Drop
Q3/Q4 2022

We continue to celebrate The Cool's 15th Anniversary all year long with special full album concerts where LFT holders get a chance for free entrances, and a new track to expand the legacy of The Cool...


The Show Goes On...


Ideas around the metaverse, music, lyrics, artwork, privileged access, co-creation and exciting partnership perks with Lu are being worked on. The voice of the community is always considered. The possibilities are vast...

How to get your own LFT Pass

We listened to the community and want to be inclusive and help those that don’t have cryptocurrency to buy LFT. Therefore we have set up 2 ways for you to buy: pay with your credit card, or buy with ETH on your wallet e.g. Metamask.

The limited supply credit card sale is sold out and Eth mint period is over! 

For those who want an LFT, you can purchase on the secondary market on Opensea.

"The Cool" PFP Collection

“The Cool” PFP is a collaboration between Lupe and innovative digital artist, Nicolas Lesaffre.

The series reinterprets the characters from Lupe’s legendary studio album, “The Cool”.

Each PFP avatar is unique, and together they celebrate Lupe’s long and successful career of defining, shaping and influencing hip hop culture. Often heralded as one of the GOATs in the industry, Lupe is known for his exceptional skills in encapsulating epic stories in his raps that inspire and provoke.

This drop celebrates not only his artistry, but captures the theme of legends standing the test of time to tell much needed stories in evolving formats. These stories touch the hearts and souls of each of us in our own personal way.

PFP WIP.jpeg

PFP is Minting on 22 April 00:00 GMT

Public Sale Ξ0.1

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Lupe Fiasco‘s heavily bootlegged track ‘Hustlaz’ has finally hit streaming services just as the rapper prepares to launch his own range of NFT releases.

- Matthew Neale


Lupe Fiasco takes us back to the beginning of his career, with “Hustlaz,” a piece of unreleased music from his vault. 

- Shawn Grant


Lupe Fiasco reaches into his vault for "Hustlaz". The deep cut first surfaced on the Chicago legend’s classic mixtape Lupe The Jedi.

- Jon Powell


Whether Lupe is spitting as a tenured veteran or as a fresh-faced newcomer, his skills are never anything less than flawless, and that has been one of the most prominent things about his music throughout the years.

- Danny Adams

HipHop DX.png

Before Lupe releases his next album, Drill Music In Zion, he’s prepping to join in on the NFT craze, which has spread across pop culture and Hip Hop.

- Brandon Caldwell


In addition to the single, Lupe is also planning to announce his very first NFT, or more properly “LFT”. The new program will allow fans to get closer than ever to Lupe. 

- Jerry Doby



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