Metaverse Forest 
by Xu Bing

Collect a rare NFT series from Xu Bing based on his social project ‘Project Forest’, inspired by his UNESCO visit to Africa 10 years ago.

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Metaverse Forest by Xu Bing

By collecting this NFT, you own the social creation of one of the most renowned artists of a generation. You also fuel the positive cycle of kids engagement and environmental conservation. ​


Only 150 unique NFTs will be released, making this a rare collectible by one of the leading artists of our generation. In addition, we will plant 200-400 trees in the real world for each NFT holder. You have 2 options: keep your NFT and we plant 200 trees; burn your NFT and we will plant 400 trees for you! ​


NFT burn reduces circulation, and also helps us make the world a greener place. As a bonus, the NFT burner will get a secret airdrop post-sale.

Project Forest

"Draw a tree on a paper, and it will become real” Inspired by his UNESCO site visit, renowned Chinese artist Xu Bing created Project Forest in 2008, connecting the real and the virtual to make our world a greener place.

In countries ranging from Kenya, Brazil to China, Xu Bing taught kids to draw trees following his iconic Square Word Calligraphy style. Collectors bought these creations, with proceed going to planting trees in the real world, hence turning kids’ imagination into reality.

Metaverse Forest

After over a decade this project is moving to the metaverse!

100 kids' drawings are combined with Xu Bing's iconic Square Word Calligraphy, with words taken from a beautiful poem about nature and discovery. This new work will be minted as NFT.​

100% of NFT sales proceed goes to partner NGOs planting trees around the world. Each time the NFT is traded, a percentage goes to tree planting. NFT holders will get updates on tree planting status.

The Artwork

This NFT series combines kids’ tree drawings based on instructions developed by Xu Bing. Xu’s artistic practice was born out of East meets West. Confused and delighted by a new culture when he first moved to New York from Beijing in the early 1990s, he created Square Word Calligraphy, where letters of an English word are arranged in a square word format that resembles a Chinese character.


While this is confusing at first, the audience is universally delighted once they figure out this “new language” that fuses English and Chinese.


For Metaverse Forest, words were chosen from a famous Chinese poem about nature and discovery. This is the first sentence: “All of a sudden, he came upon a peach grove”. ​


You can see more information on Square Word Calligraphy in this video made by Columbia University.

The Artist

Xu Bing is one of the leading art figures of his generation. His works have been exhibited at MOMA, The Met, Guggenheim, British Museum, and V&A Museum.


He was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in recognition of his “capacity to contribute importantly to society, particularly in printmaking and calligraphy.”


He spent close to 20 years in the US, before moving back to China to serve as the vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.



Collect one of the 150 unique Metaverse Forest NFT


You keep it, we plant 200 trees. You burn it, we plant 400. Help us plant more by burning our NFT!


NFT burner will get a secret airdrop


Collectors get an update on tree-planting status, and enter a whitelist for future drops.